YouTube Music Library: How to move your Google Play Library to YouTube Music

Youll might have to change to YouTube Music Library because Google plans to remove Google Play Music. This makes Youtube Music the only Google streaming music service. However, there’s still time to move all your music, purchased songs, recommendations, and personal uploads to YouTube Music with the steps provided below. Not to worry, you won’t lose any of your content once Google Play Music gets closed.

You can do the transfer through an Android, iPhone, or even the web. You can use any method to do this, you’ll still get all your stuff moved. Then you’ll be able to listen to your favourite with ease.

Transferring your music to YouTue Music Library

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an Android or iPhone device the process is still the same.

  • First, ensure you have the latest version of YouTube Music installed.
  • Then, launch the YouTube Music app. An advertisement for YouTube Music Premium might pop-up. Leave that for the time being. 
  • Next, you’d be at the home screen seeing a banner saying “Transfer your Play Music library.” If it doesn’t appear, head over to the app settings, then you’ll see a new “Transfer your Play Music library” option. If you still don’t see it, it means Google hasn’t released the feature to your account yet, so you’ll have to check later. 
  • Now, hit “let’s Go.” Everything you’re about to transfer from Google Play Music would show in the app. This includes your songs, albums playlists, uploads, purchases, your personalized taste profile/recommendations. Even the songs you don’t like.
  • Next, tap on “Start Transfer” to start the process. You should know that by continuing you agree to YouTube’s terms of servicestored music policy, and Google’s privacy policy.)
  • Once the transfer has begun, you’ll see a notification on the top of the app saying “transferring your Google Play Music library.” It could be minutes or days for it to finish depending on how big your library is and the number of people doing the transfer process at that time. It’s only a matter of seconds for things like your playlists and your taste preferences to get moved. This leaves your purchases to take the longest time to transfer because Google makes a direct copy of those files. 
    • When it’s finished with the transfer, you’ll get a notification sent to you from the app. You also get an email letting your YouTube Music Library is ready.
  • I suggest you go through the app to make sure everything got moved. On the home screen, you’ll see “continue listening from Google Play Music.” This makes the YouTube Music app seem ideal as you get familiar with the app.

Using A Web Browser

You can do the transfer from YouTube Music on the web using a smartphone and a PC. The process is similar to the mobile process.

Google Play Music is still available to all users even when you transfer your files, you can still access the service. But if you change anything in any of your playlists like adding a new song, you’ll need to do another transfer to see the change or it to reflect on YouTube Music. Google Play Music and YouTube Music don’t sync content.

There’s no need to worry about creating duplicates as Google only transfers whatever changes you make. Youll notice a new text saying “transfer your latest Google Play Music additions” when you want to do another transfer.

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