Voice texting on Android: An easy way to do it

Most of us use our thumbs for texting which, is good but, voice texting is better. If you speak faster than you type, you should use that to your advantage on your Android device. Let’s see how voice texting is on android and how to use it in other apps.

How to Activate Voice Texting (Speech-to-Text) on Android

Most devices with the latest version of android have the Speech-to-text enabled by default. You don’t have to do anything special to talk to text, but you can tweak a few options. To set up speech-to-text follow the steps below;

  • First head to your phone settings
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the list, you should see System. Open it
  • Next tap on Languages & input
  • Then select the Virtual keyboard

Voice texting in android

speech to text on android

talk to text on android

You’ll see a list of all the keyboards you have installed in your android device, including a Google voice typing item. Select this Google voice typing to be sure that you have everything set up the way you want. Also, be sure that you have the right Language dialect selected. There are different languages you can choose like UK English and US English.

You can use the Offline speech recognition panel to download your primary language. That way, you can talk to text without worrying about an internet connection.

The remaining options are nonessential. You can Hide offensive words and configure the options for hands-free voice control for Bluetooth devices.

Using Speech To Text on Android

When you’re done with the settings, you’re free to start using your voice for texting. You can easily switch to your voice for texting. It’s best convenient when used inside a compatible keyboard app.

Most of the Android phones produced these days already have the Google”s Gboard installed in them likewise allowing you to use your voice for texting. But if you don’t like Google’s Gboard, the Grammarly keyboard is a good alternative. Now 

When you want to talk to text on your Android phone, tap on a text entry field as you normally do. Once you see your keyboard pop up, look for the voice input key. For Gboard users, the icon is located at the far-right side of the suggestion bar.

On the Grammarly keyboard, you can find the icon by the left side of the space bar. If you see an emoji icon instead of the voice input icon simply tap the Grammarly logo at the top of the keyboard. Once you do that, tap on the settings logo at the far-right side of the keyboard. Now, select the Keyboard Customization setting. If you look down the list, you’ll find the Button next to space bar option with Emoji. Tap it an change it to Dictation. Now, go text field and give the voice texting a try.

talk to text

voice for texting

voice texting on android

You can easily change the keyboard by tapping on your Keyboard icon on your phone’s bottom navigation bar. Now you switch keyboards; select Google voice typing to open the speech to text panel. 

Grammarly voice texting for android

Grammarly voice texting

Grammarly voice texting on android

If you use any method to launch speech to text mode, as soon as you start talking your words will show in the text box provided. Once you’re done talking, tap the Mic button to stop our phone from listening to your audio.

Tips for Text-to-voice 

Google is so smart. The voice engine is improved every time so we don’t have any problem using it. However, there some tips you need to know to get the best results:

  • Speak clearly when talking, but conversationally: Always speak clearly so the engine doesn’t get confused.
  • Reduce background noise: When you turn your text to voice in a busy or noisy environment, voice texting probably won’t work so well. Try to reduce the noise or try it in a quieter place.
  • Use it regularly: The more you turn your text to voice the more the becomes better. When you use it regularly, the service will learn how you speak and provide better results for you.
  • Add more words to the user dictionary: Go to Settings > Languages & input > Advanced > Personal dictionary and add any last name, slang, and other “unauthorized” words of your choice that might trip up Android’s text to voice.

Additionally, be aware that you can add punctuation while speaking. For example, to type the following:

You can also add punctuation while voice for texting. For instance, if you want to type the following:

I am going to the bank. Where should we meet?

Here’s how you say it:

I am going to the bank period where should we meet question mark

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