Are you Missing Netflix For Android? Here’s How To Sideload The App

If you’re missing Netflix for Android devices is because Netflix doesn’t support those devices. Even if you check the Play Store, you won’t still find it there. I know how annoying it feels, that’s why I have written this article cause I have a solution. The solution is that you sideload it manually, and I’m going to show you how.

Netflix supports many Android devices, but some don’t get the authority to use the app. This is because your phone isn’t Play Store Certified, and they always check that. So if they find out that your device isn’t certified from you, they hide from you in the Play Store. Luckily I have a solution, and this can be on any Android that supports Android 5 and beyond.

Netflix For Android: Step 1 (APKMirror Installer)

Without diving into details, I have to say Netflix isn’t quite like other apps. It’s a split APK, or app bundle. You can’t just go to Play Store to download it, open, then press “Install” like other sideloaded apps.

Instead, you’ll have to install an app from the Play Store called APKMirror Installer. Some uses might have tired this app in the past to sideload Netflix, and it didn’t work. This is because  APKMirror made a specific file format (.apkm) for dealing with app bundles. It merges the base APK and the different resources required for the app into one file. When you’re prepared, open the link.

Netflix For Androi: APKMirror Installer

Also, you should know that the app is still in “Early Access,” which means it’s an ongoing project. Heads up, it’s filled with ads at the moment. Hopefully, all that will change or reduce as soon as the final version is released to the public.

Netflix For Android: Step 2 (Download the Netflix App)

After you’ve installed the APKMirror Installer, you need to download the Netflix app (.apkm). Like I said above, the bundled versions of apps making use of this method have a new file extension of “.apkm.” You should know that all .apkm files have the base APK file most of us know about alongside its app resources merged into a single file. This makes things a lot simpler over time.

Netflix For Android: Step 3 (Install the Netflix App)

Launch the APKMirror Installer, next select “Browse files,” then it will require you to grant it permission to the required storage. So press “Allow” to grant it permission. You should be seeing the primary file selection displaying all o the APK and APKM files by default via your “Download” folder. Find the .apkm file for the Netflix app, tap it once, then hit the “Install package” button to proceed.

Netflix for Android: APKMirror Installer "Browse files"

Netflix for Android: APKMirror Installer

Netflix for Android: APKMirror Installer







It will open the file and prepare it for installation; then, you’ll see details of what’s about to be installed. Also, you’re free to pick specific files or language packs you wish to install.

APKMirror Installer

Still, it’ll generate everything you’re going to need automatically based on your device info. But I suggest you leave everything the way they are and hit the “Watch ad and install app” button to start installing Netflix.

APKMirror Installer

Before you continue, you’ll be asked to grant it permission to install “Unknown Sources.”

APKMirror Installer

Toggle the “Allow from this source” switch then go back to return to the installation screen. If necessary, watch the 15-seconds video ad before moving on.

APKMirror Installer

Also, you should note that any time there’s an update for Netflix, you need to use the sideload method. But I don’t see that as a big deal. I mean, its better than not having the app at all.

Final Note:

When you have the APKMirror Installer installed, you can open your download directly from your browser. Once you do that, it will take you to the “Watch ad and install app” section, so it’s convenient to stay up with the latest version for your apps with minimal effort.

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