How to take a screenshot on Samsung phone

You know sometimes I google how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy phone. It’s so humiliating because I’m a tech reporter, but the guides I find online on how to make screenshots are useless. That’s the reason I keep on forgetting. 

I know I’m not the only one with this problem; that’s why I’ve taken my time to make this simple guide. Not just to help me remember, but also to help you with this problem. I hope you find this handy. As you keep on reading, you’ll find the right method of taking a screenshot. Also, I included how to do a scroll capture, i.e., a scrolling screenshot and two other ways to do a screenshot, but please don’t use those

In some Android phones, to do a screenshot, you’ll have to press the volume down button and power button together. You might find the volume down button on the upper left and the power button on the top right side. However, this method is for taking screenshots on new phones, like the Galaxy S8. You may find it a bit different for older phones.

On older phones like my Galaxy S7 (RIP), there’s a physical home button at the bottom of the screen. To take a screenshot, you’ll need to press the home button and the power button on the upper right side. 

How to take a screenshot on Samsung phone: Scroll Capture

Each time you take a screenshot on any Samsung Galaxy, you’ll see a scroll capture option that pops up in the bottom left corner.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung phone: Scroll Capture

With scroll caption, you can, for instance, screenshot a whole article (no need to do that to our articles, just send a link). You can also use the scroll caption to get the entire series of your memes.

And that’s it; you’re done! That’s all on how to take a screenshot on Samsung phone. However, if you’re interested in the dark side of taking screenshots, continue reading.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung phone: Hand-Swiping Technique

My friends and I love the hand-swiping technique. It’s just so cool, although some people find it challenging to do, don’t know why. All you have to do is swipe your hand across the screen of your phone. All that is required is excellent hand-eye coordination, focus, and enough room to swipe back and forth. 

If you want to activate the dark arts, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Phone Settings, then Advanced Features
  • Then you’ll see Palm swipe to capture, activate it
  • Next, find something lit to screenshot
  • Try the impossible motion, place the side of the palm on the edge of your screen, and swipe it across

But if it’s challenging for you, just stick with the volume down button and power button method mentioned earlier.

Asking Bixby to help you take a screenshot

I have to admit Bixby is fantastic. It can be useful to carry out a lot of tasks, including taking a screenshot. Although, some people find it awkward speaking to their phone out loud. But I love talking to my phone; it can be fun sometimes. 

I use Bixby to take screenshots, especially when I’m alone, or unable to hold the phone for the button combination. All I have to do is ask nicely.

Here are the steps to use Bixby for your screenshots

  • Find something good to screenshot
  • Next, you Hold down the Bixby key (below the volume buttons)
  • But if you’ve configured it beforehand, simply say: “Hey, Bixby.”
  • After activating the voice interface,  say, “take a screenshot.”
  • And you’re done. Finito.

Now you know how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy phone. I hope you find this information handy.

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