Apple Airpods With Wireless Charging Case Comes with New Features

I love the new features in the Apple Airpods with wireless charging case. Ever since its launch, I’ve been a big fan, and now I always wear them every day. But as usual, the wear and tear have to show. In my case, it started with battery life lasting for less than five hours a day. So when the new Apple Airpods With Wireless Charging Case was unveiled, I was so happy. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m glad about this, don’t worry, I’ll tell you. It is a second-generation AirPods, which means we can expect a new H1 chip, fantastic battery life, and wireless charging.

The Apple Airpods are in three models:

  • AirPods with Wireless Charging Case ($199.99;
  • AirPods with Charging Case ($159.99;
  • Wireless Charging Case for AirPods ($79.99;

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication

The first two comes with the updated AirPods with the new technology inside. You can find the same feature in the first-generation AirPods thanks to the wireless charging case. Consider that as a welcome upgrade for those who might have gotten a pair recently.

At first, I thought this upgrade wouldn’t bring any significant changes in AirPod 2.0, but after weeks of using it, I was impressed with the AirPods with wireless charging case. I’ll tell you all about it.

Apple Airpods With Wireless Charging Case

Wireless charging and 24-hour battery life

APPLE AirPods Wireless Charge Case

One of my favorite addition to the AirPods is wireless charging. That’s right; you don’t have to plug your AirPods with a charger to juice it up, although that’s bis still an option. The wireless charging case variants come with a built-in Qi charging. Now you can place the AirPods on almost any wireless charger to refill your battery. What’s more, you can charge these Airpods with an Android phone, like Galaxy S10, with wireless Power Share. However, the wireless charging isn’t as fast as a wired connection, but its a bonus.

It’s so comfortable to put the AirPods on a wireless charging pad and charge them up to 100% in the morning. Well, it’s not necessary, but it makes it more convenient to use.

The batteries in the AirPods can last up to five hours of listening time on a full charge, and you can use the case to recharge them when they are low. Apple doesn’t tell us the kind of battery inside the earbuds, and the case as a whole should give around 24 hours of listening time. This is comparable to what I discovered during my testing.

But as we know, with any device with rechargeable batteries, the cells will have shorter lifespans as we use them. I experienced that on my first AirPods, so to get a full hour of battery life for listening is fantastic coupled with the long battery life in the case. Also, Apple improved the battery life for talk time. Not only do you get three hours on a single charge but also 18 with recharges from the case.

Apple’s H1 chip makes calls and connections better

APPLE AirPods with Wireless Charge Case

Apple also improved the call quality of the AirPod. Like the first AirPod and other Bluetooth headphones, answering calls in a crowded place or windy day could lead to a very unclear conversation. This could make the person on the other end not to hear a word of what you say. But there’s no need to worry anymore because the experience is a lot clearer on the second-generation buds.

Due to the new software architecture, algorithms, and the H1 chip, these AirPods make phone calls more enjoyable. It picks out your voice and cancels out the wind and any background noise. As I tested it with the first-generation AirPods outside in the wind, it was clear the new AirPods delivered a more pleasant call experience. I got the same results when standing next to a TV on. It canceled all background noise and gave a more unambiguous call and made it an enjoyable conversation.

AirPod next to iPhone XR

When connecting to the AirPod for the first, you’ll notice how fast it is to connect. This is because the Apple H1 chip is paired with Bluetooth 5.0 for a stronger and quicker connection. As you open the lid, you’ll receive a message on the screen asking you to connect.  

The auto-connection, or as Apple describes it, “The Magic” is so fast that the moment you wear the AirPods, it takes less than two seconds for my iPhone and Apple watch to notice the connection. The AirPod seems to appear automatically in the Bluetooth list on your iPad, Mac, or Apple TV since it connects to your iCloud account. The quick switching in the new AirPod works far better than the first and is still a fantastic feature.

‘Hey Siri’ support is handy

Okay, I have to admit, I was doubting the “Hey Siri” support arriving on the AirPod, but all that doubt cleared once I noticed how handy the feature could be.

When asking for requests like sending a text, make a call, set a reminder even directions to the nearest ATM, the Siri on the AirPods didn’t disappoint me. It takes about a second or two for Siri to answer you after saying the command word, but it will start listening sooner. We can thank the dual-beam-forming microphones on the AirPods. It makes it the AirPod to pick up the request. Also, the H1 tech that cancels background noise and focuses on your voice is being used here.

Expect the best sound quality

"Speak Your Mind" album by Anne- Marie

Airpod doesn’t disappoint when it comes to producing excellent sound quality, and they do a better job here than the first. After listening to the “Speak Your Mind” album by Anne- Marie, I noticed they seem to produce a broader and fuller array of audio. They are louder than the first-generation. I hope it stays that way after a few months. The AirPods shows itself when listening to rock, pop, smooth jazz, hip-hop, and R&b

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